New Bagging Line Modular Closing Conveyor

03 Mar 2020

A new and unique Modular Closing Conveyor designed by the Active Weighing Solutions engineering team.

 Low Risk

The AW-MCC Modular Closing Conveyor allows you to start with the basics, then simply add automation as your business grows. 

You can start with a Gross Weigher.

Add a bag closing conveyor when your production increases.

Flexible Growth Path

There are many options to add capacity to your initial investment.

You can add automation to your Closing Conveyor as you need it.

  • Add automatic height adjustment to adjust for different bag sizes with the push of a button
  • Add a Pre-Feed Conveyor for better bag presentation to your Pedestal Sewing Machine or Bag Top Former
  • Add a Bag Kicker and Conveyor to feed bags to a palletising cell

You can increase the original conveyor length to suit your requirements.

Trouble-Free Operation

The Modular Closing Conveyor is designed by Active Weighing Solutions engineers to be:

  • Robust
  • Reliable, and
  • Flexible to your needs

With safety features designed in from the start.

Quality components mean years of trouble-free operation and next to no maintenance requirements.

The Modular Closing Conveyor has:

  • No belt tracking issues
  • Lower motor power requirements
  • No belt adjustment issues

Compatible with Popular Bag Closing Equipment

The Modular Bag Closing Line is compatible with:

  • Hand Sewers
  • Pedestal Sewing Machines
  • Heat Sealer or Band Sealer
  • Pinch Top Closers

Support Where You Need It

Bag closing lines can suffer from the impact of bags continually dropping on to the conveyor.  Our unique Conveyor Support Mechanism mounts directly where it is needed, providing strength through innovative simplicity.

This Modular Closing Conveyor system is designed and built by Active Weighing Solutions in-house engineers.  Our Services Technician are readily available should maintenance support be needed.

Fast and Accurate Bagging

An Active Weighing Solutions Gross Weigher will fill a variety of open mouth bags to the set-point product weight. 

The Gross Weigher allows infinite adjustment of both the main and dribble feed rates to deliver the best possible accuracy and bagging rate for each product.

Well-built and near maintenance-free, it will perform year in and year out. This Gross Weigher will accurately and reliably fill bags at rates from 1 bag per minute up to 18 bags per minute.  This bagging machine will fill bags at the rate you need if and as your speed demand changes and as you automate your bag closing line.

Call us today or come to our factory and inspect for yourself.