ModWeigh MD1 in Australia

05 Dec 2011

The EMC ModWeigh MD1 Flowrate Indicator is now available in Australia through Active Weighing Solutions.

The MD1 Display offers an alternate weighing system status display format to the earlier released MW99 Weight Indicator. This new addition to the EMC range of Weigh Indicators and Controllers features soft keys and a large graphic display with crisp dark/light image contrast, making the displayed information highly visible in different light conditions.

Both the MW99d4 and the new MD1 Fowrate Indicator feature easy to use menu selections to manage weigher operation settings. The ModWeigh MW99d4 or MD1 is used to calibrate the weighing system.

Often installed in control rooms some distance from the mechanical weighing operation, both the MW99 and the MD1 can be used to manage multiple weighers and can also be hand held and plugged in to the ModWeigh Transmitters located in the field to for convenient weighing equipment servicing and calibration.

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