Loss In Weight Systems Deliver Uniform Brick Colour

08 Nov 2015

Active Weighing Solutions recently commissioned two Loss In Weight Feeders designed to help a client in the brick industry to produce bricks in desired colours. The precise, controlled blending of minor ingredients via loss-in-weight feeders allows uniformly coloured bricks to be produced. This was previously difficult to reliably and consistently achieve.

One Loss In Weight Feeder delivered Manganese Dioxide into the product stream and the other, Iron Oxide. The Loss In Weight feeders run at rates ranging from 4 to 20 kg per minute, each following the flow rate of the main product. As the main product streams increase or decrease in flow, the minor additives follow in the correct ratio (master / slave relationship)

The Loss In Weight systems use a ModWeigh MW93A controller which features a powerful auto-tune function. This allows the controller to automatically set up all the parameters needed for accurate and reliable weighing.

Utilising a feed forward function, the controller can step from one setpoint to another quickly, delivering better than usual accuracy and control. The ModWeigh controllers also have the ability to adjust motor speed as the setpoint changes. This maintains the highest possible accuracy during refill.

The MW93A ModWeigh Controller also allows multiple displays to be used with a single ModWeigh Transmitter. This flexibility allows operators to address the controller from multiple locations all at the same time, if needed.

Loss In Weight systems are particularly useful in applications where a minor ingredient must be added into the product stream with precise control. For further information please contact us