Safely filling bulk bags with fragile product

18 Aug 2014

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Duplex Bulk Bagging Station with spiral feed chute

When the product is fragile, introducing automated Bulk Bag filling presents a challenge.
Our client needed a way to automatically fill bulk bags with a shelled nut, not reduce quality and release operators from manually filling bags out of a collection bin.

With protecting product quality and reducing cycle times as goals, our engineers teamed a Duplex Bulk Bag Filling Station with a custom designed spiral chute mechanism. This new filling system fills the bags on stream, saves Operator time and doesn’t break the fragile product.

Product Quality Maintained

Active Weighing Solutions offer the novel chute design allows the fragile nuts to slide down into a bulk bag. The gentle, controlled slide means the nuts have minimal opportunity to fall and break. Product quality is maintained.

Production Cycle Time Saved

The need for a collection bin is totally removed. The new Bulk Bag Filling system fills the bags on stream. Product now automatically feeds straight off the production line into the bulk bags. As the filling system is approved for trade no separate weight check step is needed. Also, operators previously needed to manually bag product are free to attend to other production tasks.

Automated Bulk Bag Filling

The spiral slide chute mechanism is a key feature of the Duplex Bulk Bag Filling Station. When an empty bag is placed at the filling station a spiral slide chute is wound down by an operator. During production, the fragile nuts slide down the spiral chute, filling the bag without loss or damage.

When the bag reaches set point (desired weight) a diverter valve automatically energises, and the product stream is diverted into the second bag for filling. The filled bag also triggers a flashing signal alerting the operator that a bag is filled and is ready to be tied off and removed.
To remove a filled bulk bag, the operator winds the spiral chute out of the bag using a simple wire and winch system. The chute twists its way out of the filled bag without damaging or spilling the product and is raised to its home position. The bag inner liner is then tied off and the bag removed from the filling station via a forklift. A new bag is then placed at the station and the spiral chute wound down ready for bag filling.

In this way, bag filling occurs continuously, switching from one to the other as a part of production and the operator is freed to attend to other tasks.

Trade Approved Bulk Bag Filling Machine

This Duplex Bulk Bag Filling Station solution uses trade approved platform scales and an AND 4406 Weight indicator. All contact parts are stainless steel and the bulk bag station frames are painted.

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