Calibration Saved When Power Spike Fries Weigh Transmitter

11 Nov 2014

When a power surge recently blew out all relay output transistors in a Weighing Transmitter installed to a loss-in-weight system, all was not lost.

The modular design of the EMC ModWeigh weigh controllers means that operations information is not necessarily lost when damage occurs to the system.

All calibration and field settings are held in the P-Module.

This clever modular design means incidents like a damaging power surge often affect only part of the system. The P-Module holds all operational settings. The PModule and the ModWeigh display are most usually, not damaged if a surge passes through. This was the case at the site north of Sydney.

Called to site with a replacement transmitter in hand, our Active Weighing Solutions technician simply replaced the transmitter and moved the ModWeigh 93A P-module to the new unit. Weighing machinery re-calibration was not needed. Pre-spike operations were restored that easily. The weighing system was back on-line.