Bulk Bag Unloading System delivers Hygienic and Accurate additives

11 Nov 2014

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A major stockfeed producer in Melbourne recently requested assistance in upgrading their existing macro addition system. The existing system involved manual handling of various 20 kg bags.
The new system receives the product in 1000kg bulk bags, keeps products away from the operator and accurately controls delivery of macro addition to the main weigher.

Flexible, Scalable Automatic Weighing System

Active Weighing Solutions designed an 8 station Bulk Bag Unloading System to completely reconfigure the way that macro additives are handled.
The Bulk Bag Unloading System enables the automatic addition of weighed product, handling both free flowing powders and products requiring agitation. It is also scalable to meet client’s production needs. Changes to the number of products added weighment accuracy, batch size, and delivery cycle are all easily accommodated.

Faster Batching times

Combined with a vacuum transfer system, the 8 Station Micro Ingredient Bulk Bag Unloading System enables the client to:
• reduce operator manual handling and contact with the product,
• contain powders within an enclosed environment
• improve accuracy and control of minor product weighment , and
• reduce up the overall batching time

4 Paired Groups of Bulk Bag Unloading Stations

The 8 Bulk Bag Unloading Stations are arranged into 4 paired groups.
Each pair of unloading stations has two Micro Batch Weigh feeders
feeding into a common weigh hopper for each pair. Below each weighs hopper is a pneumatically operated Butterfly Valve which both isolates and allows product entry into the vacuum line as needed. The vacuum transfer system line delivers the product to a Receiving Hopper mounted on Load Cells located centrally above an existing main weigh hopper.

Simultaneous weighing equals less overall time to prepare a batch.

The arrangement of the stations enables the simultaneous addition of 4 products, followed by the simultaneous addition of another 4 products. This means that 4 major products can feed into the system at the same time, followed by another 4 minor products in the required proportions. This reduces the total time needed to load a batch comprising of a mix of major and minor ingredients. It also means the micro ingredients are thoroughly mixed as they are discharged directly into the main weigher.

Hygiene maintained with Isolation Chamber Gloves

Each station has a pneumatic closing mechanism and an isolation chamber fitted with gloves and a viewing window. The gloves are an integral part of the bulk bag unloading station and provide a hygienic work environment, as the operator does not come into contact with the product.
If and when needed, the operator can activate the pneumatic closing mechanism to tightly close off a bulk bag at the neck. The operator can untie and re-tie bulk bags using the isolation chamber gloves.

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