Active Weighing Solutions named as finalist at the Australian Bulk Handling Awards 2016

22 Nov 2016

Active Weighing Solutions was named as a finalist for two categories at the Eleventh Annual Australian Bulk Handling Awards 2016.

The Australian Bulk Handling Awards have recognised some of the foremost practitioners in bulk and powder handling since its inception in Melbourne in 2006. At this year’s awards, the panel of independent judges included Associate Professor Peter Wypych of the University of Wollongong; Dr. Tobias Krull, General Manager of TUNRA Bulk Solids; Ivan Price, Chairman of Kockums Bulk Systems; and Mike Anderson, General Manager of GEA Nu-Con.

Active Weighing Solutions was nominated for the Innovative Technology Award, and the Bulk Handling Facility of the Year (Manufacturing and Processing) Award, for its Automatic Bagging Machine GR900-15.

The fully Automatic Bagging Machine will handle Open Mouth Pillow or Gusseted Bags at up to 15 bags per minute. Its Bag Magazine has high bag storage capacity and can be filled while the Bagging Machine is running. The high storage capacity allows longer times between charges.

The principle of design is Gusset Retention, which ensures the bag is picked, placed, filled and closed while maintaining the manufacturer’s original gusset. The design also allows for very low friction coefficient (smooth and slippery) bags to be reliably picked and placed for Automatic Filling and Sewing (or heat sealing). The unit has very high reliability of picking and placing, with the ability to drop a bag and retry without operator intervention.

Thread break detection monitors the needle and looper threads to detect a missed sew. A Vision System provides an additional level of quality control and will detect a fault such as an unsewn or poorly closed bag before the product is spilled.

The unit is designed to handle the high Australian temperatures and a wide range of bag sizes. It is able to run by itself round-the-clock and will notify the operator if something occurs that cannot be automatically corrected.

The operator can nominate the required bagging rate through the Touch Screen, ensuring a consistent production rate is achieved during a shift. Enclosed in clear acrylic safety guarding, bagging machine operations can be easily monitored in passing as operators attend to other plant matters.

Recently installed at a milling plant, the GR900-15 was set to run at a rate suited to the capacity of the mill. It has allowed the mill operator to attend to other matters instead of having to stand at the bagging machine. The machine was integrated with an existing robot and enhanced the plant’s ability to produce and palletise products.

The high quality of equipment used ensures reliable and fast bagging with little operator involvement. The design was created in house, manufactured locally, assembled and tested in Active Weighing Solutions’ factory before dispatch.

To find out more about the GR900-15 Automatic Bagging Machine, please click here.