Data Logging & Diagnostics

Active Weighing Solutions modular Communications software is a PC based Data Logging and Local/Remote Diagnostic tool. It allows weigher performance monitoring and amendment to controller operation parameters. It can be used to manage an individual machine or combined to suit client requirements

Communication Options

  • Local or Remote communications connection
  • Multiple Weigher Operation
  • Single Weigher – RS232
  • Multi Weigher – RS 485
  • Permanent Data Recording
  • Remote Technical Support

Data Logging

The Data Logging Tool enables:
  • Capture of individual weighments
  • Continuous Totalising
  • Ability to reset total at pre-defined time
  • Batch weight
  • Individual Bag weights
  • Data stored in Microsoft Access Database for easy reporting.
Customised reporting is also available.


The Setpoint Tool enables storage of specific product information:
  • Batch size
  • In-flight time
  • Three speed filling settings


The Diagnostic Tool performs weighing operations analysis, modification and recording. The Tool features:
  • Automatic and Manual controller Parameter read/write
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Cycle Monitoring
  • Real Time data capture and graphical reporting.
  • Data capture to and reporting through Microsoft Access Database/ Excel.

Standard Features:

  • Set and Read Parameters
  • View Controller Alarms
  • Cycle times
  • Manage Set Points
  • Capture Weighing data
  • Diagnose Operations
  • Easy Report Generation

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