Weigh Feeders

Active Weighing Solutions’ range of Belt Feeders in Australia handle light/low flow rates up to heavy-duty high flow rate feeders - indoors and outdoors.

An Active Weighing Solutions Belt Feeder is a slow speed short conveyor incorporating a single idler, full floating frame Belt Weigher design. These Weigh Feeder models cater for bulk materials feed rates from 1kg to 5,000 tph and deliver weighing accuracy 0.5% and better. Weigh Feeders are commonly used to control bulk material flow rate into a process or to blend products on a continuous basis. Installed under a bin, an Active Weighing Solutions Weigh Feeder can be set to:
  • extract material at a specified rate
  • batch a pre-defined amount of material
Belt Feeders provide continuous weighing with better accuracy than both Belt Weighers and Weigh Belt Conveyors because the cross sectional areadoes not change. Changes in bulk density are accommodated by the weigh controller which has the ability to increase and decrease the belt speed as required.

Multiple Linked Belt Feeders

A number of Weigh Feeders used together can be linked to ensure that if even one unit runs out of the product, all units will stop. Limit relays are also available to provide an output signal to operators wherethere is a problem.

Weigh Feeder Performance

Each application is engineered to suit the:
  • material handling properties of the bulk product
  • Weigh Feeder location and operating environment, and
  • flow rate and accuracy required
Active Weighing Solutions Weigh Feder models are engineered for:
  • Weighing Accuracy 0.5% and better
  • Feed rates from 1kg/hr to 5,000tph

Construction Features

  • “C” Frame construction for fast belt changes
  • Crowned and lagged head drum
  • Wide range of lengths
  • Belt width 300mm to 2500mm
  • Constant belt tension mechanism
  • Direct driven shaft mounted motor and gearbox

Construction Options

  • Open or fully enclosed designs
  • Cantilevered design option
  • Epoxy coated, mild steel or stainless steel construction

Weigh Feeder Controller Features

Active Weighing Solutions Weeders incorporate an EMC ModWeigh 95A WeighFeeder controller. The controller will provide:
  • The total of the material passing
  • Instantaneous flow rate
  • Batching with pre-act function
  • Automatic belt zeroing
  • Speed demand output
  • Analogue output signal to control other equipment
  • RS232, RS422/485 Communications
  • A Modular weigh controller system
  • Multiple MW95A transmitters can be connected to one MW99 display
  • Customisable graphics display
  • Customisable Operator menu and lockouts
  • Simple calibration procedures
  • Easy menu based programmable settings
  • Pulse Output
  • RS232 and RS485 Modbus communications
  • ActiveX control for computer connectivity
  • Customisable printouts
  • Removable P-module holding calibration settings
  • Field software upgrades

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