Weigh Belt Conveyors

Active Weighing Solutions Weigh Belt Conveyors offer a higher level of measurement accuracy then belt weighers, conveyor belt scales and conveyor belt weighers retrofitted into an existing conveyor. Active Weighing Solutions range of Weigh Belt Conveyors are custom designed to suit each on-site application. This continuous weighing solution has applications across all manufacturing and production industries.

Active Weighing Solutions Weigh Belt Conveyors are engineered for continuous heavy duty environments –indoors and outdoors. These weighers also offer the advantage of requiring only minimal headroom and length. The Weigh Belt Conveyors are essentially short conveyors designed to suit the application and fitted with a single or two idler belt weigher arrangement. A typical design requirement is for the Weigh Belt Conveyor to run at a lower speed than a standard conveyor and this promotes the opportunity for high accuracy weighing. Weigh Belt Conveyors will:
  • determine and monitor the flow rate of bulk material passing in a continuous process
  • measure the totalized amount of bulk material delivered over time
This information assists plant management to:
  • control and make adjustments to processes and production rates
  • control discrete bulk material loading and unloading delivery

Cantilever Design Option

Fully enclosed Weigh Belt Conveyor models can use a special torsion box housing featuring a cantilevered mechanism. This allows the design to be very compact and enables the whole conveyor to be withdrawn outside of the housing for easy maintenance.


  • Weighing Accuracy ±0.5% and better

Flow Rate:

  • Feed rates from 5kg/hr to 500tph

Belt Width

Standard belt widths are:
  • Open Design Models: 300mm to 2500mm
  • Fully Enclosed Models: 300 to 750mm

Weigh Belt Conveyor Features

  • “C” Frame construction for fast belt changes
  • Crowned and lagged head drum
  • Constant belt tension mechanism
  • Direct driven shaft mounted motor and gearbox

Integrated with an EMC MW95A Belt Weigher System Controller

Active Weighing Solutions Weigh Belt Conveyors models all include a ModWeigh MW95A weigh controller. The controller features:
  • Graphics display
  • Easy to use menu selection for settings
  • Fully automatic belt zeroing
  • Programmable limit outputs
  • Flow rate re-transmission Material totaliser
  • Optional 2nd analogue output card
  • Modbus communications (independent RS232 & RS485 ports)
  • 24Vdc power supply
  • Removable Chip memory to hold calibration
  • Field software upgrades

Construction Options

  • Open or fully enclosed design
  • Cantilevered design option
  • Epoxy coated mild steel as standard
  • Stainless steel construction
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Weigh Belt Conveyor

At Active Weighing Solutions, we supply weigh belt conveyors to a range of industries. If you don’t weigh your product, you cannot control your process. Weigh belt conveyors offer an economical method to achieve this control. A weigh belt conveyor is ideal for:
  • Process weighing – 1-2% accuracy
  • Precision weighing – 0.25-1% accuracy
  • Custom weighing – customise your weighing solutions when non-standard equipment is needed

Belt Conveyor System

A weigh belt conveyor system is a common piece of equipment often utilised in many industries. The selection of a weigh belt conveyor depends upon the application, accuracy and product being handled.

Customised Solutions

With many years of experience in the bulk material handling industry, we understand how to customise weigh belt conveyors to suit your application. We will work with you to find the best weigh belt conveyor to enhance your operational flow, reduce downtime, and increase efficiency. For more information on our customisation approach and how we can help, contact us today.

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