Loss in Weight Systems

Active Weighing Solutions Loss In Weight Feeders deliver dependable precise control and accuracy where there is low material throughput.

Loss In Weight Feeders is regarded as the most accurate of all continuous weighing devices. These systems have a particular application where precision and accuracy is essential. Loss In Weight Feeders are used to deliver precise control for:
  • Low materials throughputs
  • Blending
  • Managing the feed rate of minor additives
The principle of loss in weight feeding is to control the feed of material into or out of a Loss In Weight hopper. For optimum operation, the hopper must be sized to contain sufficient material to avoid variation in product flow when the low level is reached. The hopper capacity also defines the minimum flow rate that can be achieved from the Loss In Weight system.


Optimum Loss In Weight measurement results is obtained where the product being handled has good linear volumetric feed:- from 0 to 100% of the required flow rate. In this situation expect ± 0.25% or better accuracy

Flow Rate:

Providing the controller can measure the change in weight, very low flow rates can be achieved. The limit on the throughput of a loss in weight system is the ability to refill the loss in weight hopper in the required timeframe.


Subject to the characteristics of the bulk material, and accuracy of ± 1.0kg or better can be achieved. Active Weighing Solutions Loss In Weight Feeders can be belt-fed, screw fed, rotary valve or rotary table fed. The Feeders can be used for loss in weight and gain in weight measurement and control The principle components of an Active Weighing Solutions Loss In Weight system are:
  • EMC ModWeigh MW93A Loss In Weight Controller
  • Variable Frequency Drive
  • Load Cells (capacity to suit the application)
  • Weigh Hopper
  • Refill Device
  • Feed Device (selection contingent on the characteristics of the material

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Precise Blending Systems
Precise Blending Systems
Loss In Weight systems deliver a uniform brick colour. The precise controlled blending of minor ingredients is now reliably and consistently achieve.
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