Impact Weighers

Impact Weighers provide a dust tight, reliable and low maintenance weighing solution for free flowing dry powders and dry bulk materials.

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Active Weighing Solutions Impact Weighers offers an effective alternative to belt weighers in applications where there is:
  • Minimal headroom
  • Dry free flowing powder or particulate material
  • A continuous flow of material
  • Limited turn down. (The ratio of maximum to minimum flow rates.)
Similar to belt weighers, Impact Weighers are routinely used to provide continuous mass flow measurement to:
  • Monitor the flow rate of product in a process
  • Batch product out of a bin
When the Impact Weigher is used to batch out a desired weight, the controller, an EMC ModWeigh MW94A, will stop the feed device when the target weight is reached. The controller will also permit a pre-act weight to be adjusted to shut off the feed device before the target weight is reached, allowing time for the feed device to run empty and reach the target batch weight. Impact Weighers are not suitable where the bulk material is sticky, or where the flow rate is variable.


Impact Weigher accuracy is highly dependent upon the flowability of the bulk product and the consistency of the flow rate. High accuracies can be achieved depending upon the characteristics of the application. To achieve the highest level of accuracy, a full dynamic calibration is required. The Impact Weigher can alternatively be statically calibrated. An Impact Weigher has similar accuracy to a Single Idler Belt Weigher, 0.50 to ┬▒1.0% of the totalised product.

Flow Rate

Typical flow rates up to 500tph. (This is dependent upon bulk density of the product.)


The Active Weighing Solutions Impact Weigher features
  • Stainless Steel housing and strike plate
  • Load Cell
  • EMC MW94A Impact Weigher Flowmeter controller
The EMC ModWeigh MW94A Impact Weigher Flowmeter controller features:
  • Instantaneous Flow Rate output
  • Totalising of the material passing
  • RS232, RS422/485 Communications
  • Pulse Output
  • Easy menu base calibration settings
  • Field software upgrades
  • Optional analogue output signal to control other equipment


  • Stainless Steel

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