Belt Weighers In Australia

Designed and manufactured in Australia, an Active Weighing Solutions Belt Weigher is inherently stable - delivering accurate, reliable, and repeatable material totalising and instantaneous flow rates.

Belt Weighers, Belt Scales, Conveyor Scales & Weightometers

Belt weighers have a long history of use in continuous production processes. Used in many industries, they are also known as belt scales, conveyor scales, conveyor belt scales and weightometers. At Active Weighing Solutions, we use the name Belt Weigher to describe the dynamic weighing tool also referred to as conveyor belt scales in some industries. Designed and built here in Australia, our range of Belt Weighers keep to our tradition of sturdy construction, unbeatable dependability, high accuracy and easy to use.

Belt Weigher Systems

Adding a belt weigher to a conveyor system is often the best way to monitor the rate of bulk material conveyed and ensure the accuracy in total product output. Installing a belt weigher can help reduce the potential for inaccurate inventories, avoid excess use of bulk materials and aid consistency in end-product quality. Commonly incorporated into conveyor belt systems, belt weighers, belt scales, weightometers and conveyor scales are used in a wide range of industries to report instantaneous flow rate and totalised mass feed rate of powders and bulk solid materials. This data is commonly used for stock control, process control and in bulk material blending processes.

Belt Weighing Configurations

Our Single Idler and Multiple Idler models comprise of a full floating weigh frame, stainless steel shear beam load cell (s), speed encoder, trailing wheel and an EMC Modweigh 95A transmitter connected to an MW99 Display. To calculate the material flow rate, the transmitter measures:
  • the flow rate of material carried by the belt conveyor
  • the belt loading or and,
  • belt speed
  • Multiple ModWeigh transmitters can be connected to a single remote display.
Our ‘legal for trade’ or Trade Approved models are also are designed for use in continuous heavy-duty applications with outstanding performance, even in harsh environments. Rugged and inherently stable, this legal for trade Belt Weigher design holds NMI Certificate of Approval No. 6/14D/16. To measure with high accuracy, it is designed for direct force measurement of the full weight of the bulk material load. The construction of the weigh deck also allows sufficient material residence time for precise monitoring as the bulk material passes, The Trade Approved Belt Weigher BWT series minimum configuration is a 2 idler format. Additional idler counts are available as required to deliver the required accuracy outcome.

Choosing a Belt Weighing Solution

While a relatively simple dynamic weighing instrument, care must be taken to select a Belt Weigher solution for a given application. A number of factors affect the accuracy and suitability of Belt Weighers in a given situation. These factors are considered by Active Weighing Solutions engineers in determining the appropriate configuration for a particular application.
  • Location of the weigh frame in the system
  • Conveyor length and degree of incline
  • Belt construction and tension
  • Belt troughing angle
  • Idler alignment
  • Material loading and material residence times
  • Ongoing maintenance and operational housekeeping
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Weighing Accuracy

Typical in-service accuracy of totalized load for an Active Weighing Solutions Belt Weigher:
  • Single Idler Belt Weigher 0.50 to ±1.0%.
  • Multi Idler Belt Weigher better than ±0.25%.

Flow Rate

Flow rates up to 5,000tph.

Belt Width

Belt widths from 300 to 3000mm.


An Active Weighing Solutions Belt Weigher is a relatively low cost weighing application. It requires no additional headroom and fits into new and existing conveyors. Active Weighing Solutions Belt Weighers offer:
  • Inherently stable and rugged design
  • Full Floating Weigh Frame
  • Stainless Steel Shear Beam Loadcells
  • Overload protection stops
  • Modular weigh controller system
  • Customisable graphics display
  • One Display can be connected to multiple Transmitters
  • Simple calibration procedures
  • Easy menu based programmable settings
  • Automatic belt zeroing
  • Analog Output
  • Pulse Output
  • RS232 and RS485 Modbus communications
  • Field software upgrades


A typical Active Weighing Solutions Single Idler Belt Weigher comprises of:
  • a full floating weigh frame
  • stainless steel shear beam load cell
  • speed encoder
  • trailing wheel and an
  • EMC Modweigh 95A transmitter connected to an MW99 Display


  • Integrated calibration check weights
  • Stainless steel or galvanised weigh frame

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