Bulk Bags Unloaders & Dischargers

Also known as Bulk Bag Unloaders, Active Weighing Solutions Bulk Bag Unloading Stations are designed efficiently handle application variables such as:
  • Product compaction during storage or transport
  • Single or multi trip, lined or unlined Bulk Bags or Flexible Intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs)
  • Dust
  • Gravimetric or volumetric discharge
  • Batching or Continuous discharge
Our range of bulk bag unloaders are custom designed and tailored to suit the bulk material properties and the production process. Applications range from a single bulk bag unloader which accepts a bag presented by forklift to complete bulk bag unloading systems with multiple unloading stations. Our engineers work with customers to design a bulk bag unloader or bulk bag unloading system to meet specific plant operational requirements. Applications include options for dust handling and an isolation chamber to workers from harmful properties of material being handled. We work with other leading manufacturers within the industry, to offer the best combination of equipment to suit the need. Our systems are rugged and durable, delivering years of reliable service. Active Weighing Solutions bulk bag unloading systems typically use an EMC 2064 Weigh Batch Processor to control the unloading process. This controller checks the batch weight and determines whether or not discharge can commence. It can be configured to start whether or not there is sufficient product. If the batch is not complete when the Bulk Bag runs empty, the controller will allow for a manual or automatic refill operation so another Bulk Bag can be loaded and the batch completed. Depending upon the accuracy required, either the whole bulk bag can be weighed or for smaller more accurate applications, a weigh hopper is required.
A typical bulk bag unloader will come with a lifting frame with safety hooks, adjustable handling supports and an aspiration point to remove displaced air allowing the system to balance air flow and control dust. Other design options include
  • Pneumatic or vibration agitation systems
  • Bag piercing for single trip bags
Operational features available via the EMC 2064 Weigh Batch Processor enable a bulk bag unloader to deliver:
  • Material totalising
  • Automatic jog to weight
  • Automatic in-flight compensation
  • Batch counting
  • Simple calibration
  • Pulse Output
  • Optional
    • Analogue output (configurable)
    • Printer output
    • Communications to computer or PLC using RS232 or RS422/485


Painted mild steel construction as standard. Galvanized or stainless steel frames are also available.


  • Paddle Agitation System A typical agitation system will have agitation paddles energizing one after another with a delay between each paddle. Paddle operation continues until the bag is empty or a flow detection sensor detects no flow.
  • Lump Breaker Designed to “re-size” product to a specific particle size where transportation compaction has taken place and large lumps of material have formed within the bulk bag.
Other than this, we also supply weigh belt conveyors, bagging machines, belt weighers and more. To know in detail, browse website.

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Bulk Bag Unloading System
Bulk Bag Unloading System
delivers Hygienic and Accurate additives product
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