Bulk Bag Filling Station

Active Weighing Solutions offers a range of simple, operator controlled, Australian-made Bulk Bag Filler stations to fill Bulk Bags. These are also known as FIBC filler stations.

Operator Controlled Bulk BagFiller Stations

Each Active Weighing Solutions Bulk Bag Filling Station is engineered to meet:
  • the OH&S issues involved in placing and removing bulk bags
  • specific properties of the dry bulk material being loaded
  • plant operational requirements
Models can be based on an overhead platform or on-floor design, be trade approved, dust-tight, provide product consolidation and integrate with various feed devices, bag removal methods and operator access structures. Active Weighing Solutions offers simple operator controlled Bulk Bag Filling Stations through to highly automated, turnkey Bulk Bag Filling Systems in Australia. (See Automated Bulk Bag Filler Systems for these options.) Other than this, we also offer loadcell, bagging machines, and more. To know in detail please browse our website or call us at (03) 9873 7677.

Bulk Bagging System Operation

An operator will attach empty bulk bag straps onto the Filling Station support hooks. The operator then connects the bulk bag spout to the Bulk Bag Filler station filling spout. The filling sequence is then initiated, and the bag is filled through either a Single Position Catch Gate or a Two Position Feed Gate, depending upon the properties of the bulk material and required accuracy. A weigh controller monitors the bag’s weight and stops the filling at the required weight. The bag is then released, tied off and taken away.

Removal Options:

In a simple system, the filled Bulk Bag (or FIBC) is most commonly removed using a forklift. Filled FIBC and bulk bag removal options include:
  • A forklift raising the pallet to take the filled Bulk Bag weight off the straps to allow easy, filled bag release.
  • A Pneumatic Lowering Device added to assist in Bulk Bag removal. This can also be used as a simple bulk material consolidation device.
  • A Bulk Bag Filling Station Automatic Release and Lowering option – which is particularly useful for higher bagging rates.

Choosing A Bulk Bag Filling Station

Active Weighing Solutions offers a range of Australian-made bulk bag filling stations that seamlessly integrate into your weighing and bagging needs. We supply bulk bag filling stations with pneumatic bag lowering control, overhead platform scales, mobility, an on-floor platform scale option, and a platform designed for the operator. Each of these filling stations come with their own benefits and features and can all support bulk bags of various sizes and weights.

Bulk Bag Filler
Understating the perfect bulk bag filler for your industrial application is essential to the overall operational flow of your process. Hence, depending on the material you need bagged, you will need to know what kind of operator-controlled bulk bagging filling station is required. You can also opt for semi-automated bulk bag filling solutions such as our range of Automated Bulk Bag Filling Systems, automatic pallet feeders, and bag sealing and bag tagging options. We also offer 5kg to 45kg bagging solutions, including fully automated bagging lines, Automatic Bagging Machines and Semi Automated Bagging operations if applicable for your material handling needs.

Each bulk bag filling station has components that suit various industries – however, each system can also be enhanced and upgraded to provide further features. For example, bulk bag fillers with medium-high capacity applications are suited towards food industries and practices, whereas low-medium capacity applications are utilised mainly for sanitary or dairy standards. At Active Weighing Solutions, we will determine how to choose the perfect bulk filling station for successful bagging results. These machines guarantee cost-effective bagging with increased performance output and decreased downtime. For more information on customising the perfect bulk bag filling station for your Australian workspace, contact us today.

Bulk Bag Filler Standard Features:

  • Trade Approved Platform Scale
  • Stainless Steel 304 Contact Parts
  • Dust Tight Bag Clamp
  • Filling Spout
  • Feed Chute
  • Fabricated mild steel frame

Custom Engineered Options:

  • Feed device to suit bulk materials handling product
  • Quick release Bag Hooks or Safety Latch
  • Adjustable chains to accommodate different bag sizes.
  • Height adjustable Bulk Bag Filler frame for different bag sizes
  • Dust Collection system
  • Forklift Channels for Mobile Bulk Bag Filling Stations
  • Wide entrance for Forklift to pick up the pallet
  • Filled FIBC Product Consolidation Table
  • Operator Platform for safe access
  • Bag inflation
  • Pneumatic Lowering Device
  • Automatic Bag Release and Lowering
  • Duplex Filling Station


Subject to the characteristics of the bulk material, accuracy of ± 1.0kg or better can be achieved.

Bagging Rate

Depending upon the level of automation engineered into the solution, up to 20 bags per hour is achievable. For higher throughput, please see Automated Bulk Bag Filler Systems .

Please view our projects relating to this product.

Duplex Bulk Bag Filling System
Duplex Bulk Bag Filling System
Safely filling bulk bags with fragile products. Overhead Diverter allows continuous filling of single bulk bag filling stations.
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