Automated Bulk Bag Filling Systems

Complete turnkey Automated Bulk Bag Filling Systems engineered to deliver safe, reliable and accurate dry bulk filling in a wide variety of plant applications.

Active Weighing Solutions Automatic Bulk Bag Filling Systems are engineered to provide safe, reliable, and dust free bulk bag filling for a wide variety of powders and difficult to handle dry bulk materials. Our engineers work with clients to design bagging and palletising solutions tailored to meet specific plant operational requirements. We work with other leading manufacturers within the industry, enabling us to offer the best combination of equipment to suit the need. Our systems are rugged and durable, delivering years of reliable service.

Trade Approved Platform Scale

As standard, the Automatic Bulk Bag Filling System features an overhead trade approved platform scale. This means bulk bags do not need to be check weighed or ‘topped up’ after coming off the filling station.

Product Consolidation

Bulk Bag Filling Systems can be supplied with an optional Consolidation Table. This vibrating table promotes product densification in the bag, enhancing stability of the filled bag when placed on to the pallet. Consolidation prior to transportation reduces the risk of in transit product compaction. In transit consolidation can lead to securing straps coming loose and a potentially dangerous situation during unloading. Consolidation of the product using this option prepares the shape of the base of the Bulk Bag, eliminating the risk of this situation occurring. The functionality of this option is controllable and can be set to be turned on or off, run during the early stages of filling, run prior to completion of filling or to run a Pack Down option for difficult products.

Bulk Bag Double Stacking

As standard, the Automatic Bulk Bag Filling System has the ability to double stack filled bulk bags. This gives clients the option to for example, double stack bulk bags into a container.


Depending upon the properties of the dry bulk product, ± 0.5kg is typically achieved.

Bagging Rate

Depending upon the product being handled, up to 60tph is easily achieved using one line (60 x 1 tonne bags) and 20tph when Double Stacking 500kg bags. Contact us for faster rates.


Dust tight Bag Clamp Trade Approved Platform Scale (Overhead) Reversible Conveyors
  • To drive certified calibration weights into the Filling Station for calibration. Also used for double stacking.
Touch Screen Operator Interface
  • Easy function selection
    • Manual / automatic selection
    • Set bag length
    • Set bag capacity (automatically downloaded to Controller)
    • Turn Consolidation On or Off
    • Password protect actions
    • View PLC Inputs and Outputs
    • View Alarms
    • Automatic Bag Release
    • Select manual hook release
    • Consolidation at early stages of filling, prior to filling completion or €œPack Down€ option for difficult products
Lifting Frame
  • Infinitely Adjustable
  • Different sized bags easily accommodated with an automatic €œRaise and Lower€ feature
  • Individual brakes on each drive shaft
  • Individual photo-electric eyes on each drive motor
System Monitoring
  • Automatic levelling mechanism
  • Automatic frame unbalance detection
  • Air pressure detection
Automatic Bag Hook Release Operator Platform
  • “U” shaped platform provides easy access for a single operator.
Accumulating Conveyor
  • Can be supplied in modular format to suit plant layout.


Double Stacking Bulk Bags Pallet Dispenser
  • Handles different pallets with only a touch of a button e.g. CHEP, Export, Loscam
  • Pallet Guides straighten pallets arriving at the Filling Station
  • Automatic Pallet Re-Stacking
Slip Sheet Applicator
  • Enables a cardboard sheet to be applied to pallet prior to Bulk Bag placement
Vibration Platform/ Consolidation Table
  • Densifies product in the bulk bag to maximize bag fill volumes and stabilise the shape of the filled bag
Light Curtains
  • Safety feature which pauses Raise/Lower operation if beam is interrupted.


The Bulk Bag Filling System comes standard as Epoxy Coated Mild Steel construction with Stainless Steel 304 contact parts. Other finishes are available upon request.

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