Semi Automated Bagging Lines

Custom engineered Bagging Line solutions to fill and palletize bags at rates up to 20 bags per minute.

We offer bag filling solutions from simple manual bagging systems through to fully automated bagging with robotic assistance. A key component of a semi automated bagging is either a Gross Weigher or Net Weigher. Selection of the most suitable weigher depends on a number of factors, including the characteristics of the product being handled and the speed and accuracy of bagging required. Our engineers are well experienced in understanding the material handling properties of each product. Our designs are created in 3D, assisting us to take into account all aspects of operational requirements including the product or products to be bagged, variety of bag sizes to be accommodated, occupational health and safety, ongoing ease of maintenance and the available budget. We work with other leading manufacturers to ensure we offer the right combination of equipment to best meet the need.
Popular bagging line solutions give outputs up to comfortably 14 bags per minute for the whole process from bag filling, through to closing and palletising. Higher rates can be achieved. As required bagging rates increase, more mechanical assistance (or automation) is usually needed.

Typical Bagging Rates

Gross Weigher
  • 25kg bags up to 16 bags/min at ± 100 grams*
  • 50kg bags up to 12-14 bags/min at ± 50 grams*
Net Weigher
  • 25kg bags up to 20 bags/min at ± 20 grams*
  • 50kg bags up to 16-18 bags/min at ± 20 grams*
*Accuracy – 95% of all weighments will be within the stated tolerance Typical semi automated bagging line components may include:
  • Garner / Day Bin
  • Integral Bulk Bag Splitters
  • Gross Weigher or Net Weigher bagging machine
  • Dust Tight Bag Clamp
  • Bird Beak Bag Clamp
  • Single or two position Feed Gate
  • Bag Detection Whiskers
  • Stainless Steel contact parts or fully Stainless Steel
  • Aspiration
  • Dust Extraction
  • Closing Conveyors (fixed or height adjustable)
  • Bag Top Former
  • Pedestal or Hand Sewing Machine
  • Hot Air Sealer
  • Band Sealer
  • Bag Kicker
  • Bag Flattener
  • Check Weighing
  • Palletising (ranging from mechanical assistance through to Robotic Palletising)

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Bag Filling System with Automated Bag Top Reformer and Bag Sewing

Bag Filling with Height Adjustable Bag Closing

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