Gross Weighers & Open Mouth Bag Filler

High speed, accurate and reliable bag filling machine.

An Active Weighing Solutions Gross Weigher will fill a variety of open mouth bags with a pre-determined weight of product. The Gross Weigher is a simple and effective tool for bagging 10 to 70kg’s product. Mounted directly to a garner bin, the Gross Weigher needs only a power supply and clean dry compressed air. Depending upon the material flow characteristics of the buld material, the required throughput, and accuracy, a feed device may also form part of the weighing and bagging solution. This device may have one or two speed filling capabilities.


When the bag is placed on to the bag clamp, the operator hits two “whiskers” which activate the bag clamp. Two bag detection sensors detect a correctly placed bag and start the filling cycle. Filling is started and the controller accurately monitors the bag filling. Material is fed directly into the bag to a preset weight via a single position or two position radial catch gate. The machine may be set to allow the bags to automatically drop from the bag clamp when the bag weight is reached or the bag can be left on the clamp.


An Active Weighing SolutionsGross Wiegher will typically deliver:
  • 25kg bags up to 18 bags/min at ± 100 grams*
  • 50kg bags up to 14 bags/min at ± 50 grams*
* 95% of all weighments will be within the stated tolerance.


EMC 2064 Weigh Batch Processor with
  • Material totalising
  • Automatic jog to weight
  • Automatic in-flight compensation
  • Batch counting
  • Simple calibration
  • Optional
    • Analogue output (configurable)
    • Printer output
    • Communications to computer or PLC using RS232 or RS422/485
Two position radial feed gate with:
  • Independent main & dribble feeds
  • Easy feed gate adjustment
  • Pneumatic operation
  • Separate pneumatic & electronic compartments
  • Easy access for clean down
“Bird Beak” Bag Clamp with:
  • Bag detection switches
  • Two hand start
  • Fast bag loading
  • Pneumatic operation

Gross Weigher Options

  • Dust Tight Bag Clamp
  • Stainless steel contact parts
  • Fully stainless steel
  • Aspiration spout

Optional feeding devices

  • Belt Feeder
  • Screw Feeder

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Gross Weigher - Fast, Accurate, Reliable - Bag Filling Machine

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