Fully Automated Bagging Lines

Fully automated Bagging Machines and automatic turnkey bagging lines filling open mouth bags with free flowing product.

Compact and robust, the GR900-15 Automatic Bagging Machine will reliably fill and close open mouth bags to a market-ready finish.  Taking up less than 12 square meters of floor space, the Bagging Machine can retrofit into existing plant floor space and integrate with automated bag palletising systems. Featuring an intuitive touch screen with clear graphics, bagging runs are easily programmed by operators who are then free to attend to other tasks. Created by Active Weighing Solutions engineers to meet local bagging requirements, the GR900-15 Automatic Bagging Machine is designed to fill and close a variety of bags at rates up to 15 bpm.  For more information on please contact us. See also: GR900-15 Automatic Bagging Machine brochure and our bagging line videos. In addition to our Australian manufacture, we offer local expertise in the internationally proven Pacepacker range of fully automated bagging and Fanuc robotic palletising systems. Our engineers have the knowledge and depth of experience to design bagging lines – from simple manual systems through to fully automated systems with robotic assistance.  We will work with you to implement the bagging solution that meets your production needs.
Australian designed and built, the GR900-15 Automatic Bagging Machine makes available the best features of any comparable imported machine, with the added benefit of local maintenance expertise and locally sourced consumables and maintenance spares.  The bagging machine will reliably pick, place and fill a wide range of bag types and sizes, and will implement self-recovery action when poor quality bags are encountered.  Production bagging targets can be reliably met while plan personnel attends to other tasks. For more information please contact us.  See also: product brochure and video. Our engineers will work with you to select the best solutions for your bagging and bagging line needs.  Fully automated bagging line solutions may typically include the following components:
  • Bag / Sack Magazine
  • Automated Bag Placer
  • Total Bag Control system
  • Bag Kickers and/or Flatteners
  • Transfer Conveyors
  • In line Check Weighing and Reject systems
  • Automated Pallet Dispensing
  • Slip Sheet applicator
  • Ticketing and Printing
  • Robotic Palletising
  • Stretch Wrapping
Please contact us to discuss the best combination of equipment to suit your application

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Automatic Bagging Machine GR900-15

Total Bag Control (TBC) system from Pacepacker

Pacepacker System Running Woven Poly Bags

Double Gripper Fanuc Palletising Robot from Pacepacker

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