Automatic Weighing and Bagging Machines in Australia

Automation is a powerful tool for increasing efficiency and achieving production targets. Whether you need a fully automated weighing and bagging machine, a turnkey bagging and palletising solution or to upgrade from manual bagging to a semi-automated bagging process – we can help you.

Automatic Bagging Machine

Automatic Bagging Machine GR900-15

World Class Automatic Bagging Machine designed and manufactured in Australia. The GR900-15 can be relied on to deliver continuous bag filling and closing with minimal oversight.

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Gross Weigher Bagging Machine

Gross Weigher Bagging Machine

Robust and reliable, the Active Weighing Solutions Gross Weigher will fill a variety of open mouth bags to the set-point product weight with speed and high accuracy.

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Semi-Automated Bagging Solutions

Semi-Automated Bagging Solutions

We offer a range of open mouth bag closing line solutions. From the minimum bagging equipment for a start-up though to fully automated bag filling, closing and packing – we can help you.

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GR900-15 Bagging Machine

Mechanically robust and featuring a compact footprint, the GR900 automatic bagging machine runs operator unattended, significantly freeing up operator time to attend to other production tasks. The GR900-15 bag filling machine will automatically fill and close a broad range of open mouth bags.

Key Features:

High capacity bag storage carousel

As standard, the carousel holds up to 900 bags, allowing long unattended run time The operator has safe access to recharge bag magazines without interrupting production.

Versatile Bagging Functions

It is easily adjustable for a range of bag widths and lengths, and requires minimal changeover time. The GR900-15 is ideal for relatively short production runs, filling a wide variety of open mouth bags.

Bag types handled:

  • Pillow, Gusseted, Block Bottom, Sewn Bottom (with tags), Zip Lock, Laminated, Woven, Polypropylene, Plastic and Paper

Bag size (range indicator)

  • capacity 5kg though to 50kg
  • width 250mm to 500mm
  • length 500mm to 950mm
The GR900-15 is designed to automatically fill and close bags up to 15 bags per minute.

High reliability bag picking and placing

The GR900 Bagging Machine will reliably pick up and hold low friction co-efficient (very smooth) bags. If a bag does not pick or place correctly, the machine will take self -recovery actions. It will move on to select the next bag and the next, while workers can confidently attend to other production tasks.

Display ready filled and closed bags

From pick and place though to sewing or heat sealed closed, each bag is held securely. The GR 900 successfully holds the bag manufacturer’s gusset throughout, ensuring perfect closure and bag presentation. The result is – shelf display ready filled and closed bags.

Integrated Weighing System

The GR900Bagging Machine is typically integrated with an overhead Active Weighing Solutions Net Weigher which delivers the precise required product feed. Product weighment and bag filling operations are programmed via an easy to use graphic display touch screen.


  • Bag sewing with thread break detection
  • Vision System to detect poorly sewn or closed bagging problems
  • Bag air expel
  • Integration with a fully automated, robot assisted bag palletising line. Click here for more information about Automatic Bagging Lines
Contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve the production capacity and efficiency you want. For more information about automatic bagging machines, weigh belt conveyors, belt weighers, bulk bag unloading and complete bagging line custom integrations please call us on 03 98737677.   For more information about fully automatic bagging lines, including robotic palletising, See Fully Automated Bagging Lines or click for videos.

Gross Weigher Bagging Machine

The Gross Weigher features infinite adjustment of both the main and dribble feed rates to deliver the best possible accuracy and bagging rate for each product. This bagging machine will fill bags at the rate you need. Fill rate examples:
  • 25kg bags at up to 18 bags per minute (1080 bags per hour), and
  • 50kg bags up to 14 bags per minute – all with better than ± 50 gram accuracy.
Well-built and near maintenance free, it will perform year in and year out. Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Gross weigher features robust construction and requires only minimal maintenance. This Bagging Machine will deliver many years of trouble-free operation. As your business and production demand grows, the Gross Weigher easily integrates with increased levels of bag closing and sealing automation. It can be a standalone Bagging Machine. It can be paired with bag closing automation. For more information please see Gross Weighers , our recently released Modular Closing Conveyor news item.

Semi-Automated Bagging Solutions

A semi-automated weighing and bagging line may be as simple as a Gross Weigher fitted to a garner bin. Automation can be added to fill and close more bags per hour.
  • Start with a Gross Weigher.
  • Add a powered bag closing conveyor when production demand increases
  • Automate bag sewing or sealing, conditioning, and packing.

Modular Closing Line Conveyor

An Active Weighing Solutions Modular Closing Line Conveyor can be combined with the gross weigher. It is compatible with is compatible with:
  • Hand Sewers
  • Pedestal Sewing Machines
  • Heat Sealers and Band Sealers
  • Pinch Top Closers
The Modular Closing Conveyor allows starting with the basics, then simply adding automation as to increase production capacity. The Active Weighing Solutions Modular Closing Conveyor options and combinations include:
  • Fixed height closing conveyor
  • Automatic height adjustment option to adapt for different bag sizes with the push of a button.
  • A Pre-Feed Conveyor for more reliable bag presentation to your Pedestal Sewing Machine or Bag Top Former
  • A Bag Kicker and Conveyor to feed bags to a palletising cell.

Trouble Free Bag Closing Operation

The Modular Closing Conveyor is designed by Active Weighing Solutions engineers to be:
  • Robust
  • Reliable, and
  • Flexible to your needs
Original conveyor length can be increased to suit your requirements.

Criteria for selecting semi-automated bagging lines

There are multiple combinations of bag filling and closing solutions. The best options governed by:
  • production and finish requirements
  • the bulk material’s handling characteristics
  • worker health & safety
  • budget, and
  • growth plans
Please call us on 03 98767677 for more information about our range of time and labour-saving options. For more information about bagging line options please also see Semi Automated Bagging Lines