Automatic Bag Palletizer Machine

Active Weighing Solutions Automatic Bag Palletizer receive filled and closed bags.

Active Weighing Solutions bag palletising lines receive filled and closed bags and complete the process of conditioning and stacking bags to pallets ready for transport. Typical configurations include:
  • Bag transfer conveyors with built in allowance for line start and stopping
  • Bag check weighing, metal detection, reject system, bag conditioning (flattening/smoothing), and printing options
  • Automatic pallet dispenser
  • Robot pick conveyor
  • Fully automatic robotic palletising cell – single or dual
  • Stretch wrapper
  • Pallet accumulation and indexing conveyors
  • Guarding to Australian standards
We will design and manufacture the bag palletising systems to meet your specifications. We assemble, program and factory test the palletising system before it leaves our factory. You are welcome to view the factory testing before the system is shipped to your site.

Transfer Conveyors

We design and build transfer conveyors needed to connect the automatic bagging machine output to downstream automatic bagging line palletising processes. These conveyors are custom engineered to the required widths and lengths to suit the site application. Built to last, these conveyors may be powder coated or stainless steel. We can supply the complete conveying system or integrate with existing production line conveyors and always built to last.

Check Weighing and reject system

A checkweigher and reject system is located in the bagging line prior to palletising operations. Set to weigh the filled bag to a high accuracy level, a checkweigher will push any over or under-weight bags to a reject position away from the main transfer line. The core of this system is a trade approved platform scale. A standalone model sourced from specialist suppliers may be integrated to the line or an Active Weighing Solutions model can be designed to perform the function.

Metal detection system

We will source suitable metal detection equipment manufactured by others and integrate its operation into the flow of the line.

Traceability label or ticketing system

Supply chain track and trace has become increasingly important on the grounds of safety and trust in brands. While Australian regulations govern minimum requirements for the food industry, traceability is also a necessity for many exported products. Active Weighing Solutions will integrate a labelling system suited to your product and industry.

Bag conditioning equipment

The product inside a filled bag will tend to be unevenly distributed when it leaves the bagging machine. Bag conditioning is needed to bring the shape to a relatively even profile. This may involve a combination of vibration and bag flattening. Robot palletisers require bags of consistent shape and size to create stable bag stacks. The selection and design of bag conditioning equipment will depend largely on the characteristics of the bagged bulk material, the variability of the bags to be handled, the robot, and the downstream customer preferences. Our engineers will consider all these factors in determining the most cost-effective bag conditioning solution for the application.

Automatic pallet dispenser

An Active Weighing Solutions standard design Pallet Dispenser will hold up to 12 timber pallets and is refilled via forklift. Pallet Dispenser operation is controlled through the Fully Automated Bagging Line integrated PLC. Empty pallets feed on the base of the dispenser at the rate determined by the PLC programme for the application.

Automatic Slip Sheet Applicator

An automatic Slip Sheet Applicator will place a pallet-sized sheet of paper, thin board, cardboard, or plastic on an empty pallet. This is typically actioned as the pallet is conveyed from the Pallet Dispenser to the palletising station. The slip sheet applicator function is integrated to the bagging line with speed and operation controlled though the Bagging Line PLC programme.

Palletising Conveyor

The Palletising Conveyor will drive an empty pallet, possibly loaded with a slip sheet, to a stationary position and hold it while the robot palletiser stacks bags in the programmed pattern. Controlled by PLC, when this process is completed, this conveyor will activate to transfer the filled pallet to the next stage of the Automatic Bagging Line.

Robot Palletising System

Our engineers work with leading robot manufacturers and suppliers to select and program a robot palletising system suitable for to bag palletising job at hand. Selection depends on multiple criteria, including:
  • the variety of bag weights and sizes to be packed and therefore the number of programmed packing recipes,
  • the space available for the robot cell (or cells), and
  • the required palletising speed.

Pallet Stretch Wrapper

Adding a pallet wrapping machine to an automatic line increases the quality of the palletised output. Product transit damage is also reduced when a stretch-wrapped barrier is created to hold the stacked bags. Our engineers work with leading stretch wrapping manufacturers and suppliers to choose a model with the right:
  • stretch film capacity,
  • level of automation, and
  • programming flexibility.

Pallet accumulation and indexing conveyors

Active Weighing Solutions pallet accumulation and indexing conveyors are customs engineered to the length and program requirements of each application. This conveying system will deliver and hold packed pallets in the required programmed sequence for forklift or other transport system methods to move packed pallets into the transport supply chain.

Safety Features

Active Weighing Solutions engineers work to Australian Standards and to any additional customer requirements to promote a safe working environment. We are experienced in integrating, for example, dust extraction systems, light curtain systems, and fencing into our automated bagging line systems. We also offer bagging machines, loadcell, weigh belt conveyors, belt weighers, and more. Please contact us to discuss the best combination of equipment to suit your application

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