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ModWeigh MD1 in Australia

The EMC ModWeigh MD1 Flowrate Indicator is now available in Australia through Active Weighing Solutions. The MD1 Display offers an alternate weighing system status display format to the earlier released MW99 Weight Indicator. This new addition to the EMC range of Weigh Indicators and Controllers features soft keys and a large graphic display with crisp dark/light image contrast, making the... »


Active Weighing will source the best load cells for specific applications from a variety of specialist suppliers. A strain gauge load cell is a transducer which converts a measured force or weight to an electrical signal. Connected to a weighing indicator or controller, this information is used to report or control process operations. These load cells vary in size, construction, and material, to... »

Data Logging & Diagnostics

Communication Options Local or Remote communications connection Multiple Weigher Operation Single Weigher – RS232 Multi Weigher – RS 485 Permanent Data Recording Remote Technical Support Data Logging The Data Logging Tool enables: Capture of individual weighments Continuous Totalising Ability to reset total at pre-defined time Batch weight Individual Bag weights Data stored in... »

Calibration Chains demonstrate Weigh Belt Conveyor Accuracy

When the location of weighers within a process prevents material testing, calibration chains can be used to calibrate and prove weigher accuracy. Eight Weigh Belt Conveyors were recently supplied to SPC Ardmona to handle a variety of fruits. Material testing was not possible as the weighers were all located within the process. To overcome this issue, Active Weighing Solutions dynamically... »

Safely filling bulk bags with fragile product

Back to Bulk Bag Filling Station When the product is fragile, introducing automated Bulk Bag filling presents a challenge. Our client needed a way to automatically fill bulk bags with a shelled nut, not reduce quality and release operators from manually filling bags out of a collection bin. With protecting product quality and reducing cycle times as goals, our engineers teamed a Duplex Bulk Bag... »

Multi Idler Belt Weighers

Features: High Speed – Multi Idler BW2i & BW4i Models Accurate Reliable Rugged Inherently Stable Full Floating Weigh Frame Active Weighing Solutions Belt Weighers are precision Electronic Weighers which can be easily installed onto the carry side of most existing conveyors. The Belt Weigher is designed for use in continuous heavy-duty situations and will perform well in harsh, dirty,... »

Weighing Controllers & Indicators

Built using the latest technology there is a weigh controller or indicator suited to your production control requirements – whether bulk material feeding, blending, monitoring, mixing, batching or loading. With a choice of Display, built-in or remote Transmitter, built-in or remote I/O, and Panel or DIN Rail mounting options, ModWeigh weighing controllers offer a truly versatile system... »

New Smarter Displays

EMC have enhanced their range of ModWeigh graphic displays. Replacing the MW99d4 Display, the new MP2 ModWeigh format features a larger colour LCD screen and even more flexibility. New combinations of ModWeigh MD1, MP1 and MP2 functional modules and the MT1 transmitter increase the available options in customising weigh controller solutions for real world weighing applications. For example... »

Bulk Bag Unloading System delivers Hygienic and Accurate additives

Back to Bulk Bag Unloading A major stockfeed producer in Melbourne recently requested assistance in upgrading their existing macro addition system. The existing system involved manual handling of various 20 kg bags. The new system receives the product in 1000kg bulk bags, keeps products away from the operator and accurately controls delivery of macro addition to the main weigher. Flexible,... »

Calibration Saved When Power Spike Fries Weigh Transmitter

When a power surge recently blew out all relay output transistors in a Weighing Transmitter installed to a loss-in-weight system, all was not lost. The modular design of the EMC ModWeigh weigh controllers means that operations information is not necessarily lost when damage occurs to the system. All calibration and field settings are held in the P-Module. This clever modular design means... »

Loss In Weight Systems Deliver Uniform Brick Colour

Active Weighing Solutions recently commissioned two Loss In Weight Feeders designed to help a client in the brick industry to produce bricks in desired colours. The precise, controlled blending of minor ingredients via loss-in-weight feeders allows uniformly coloured bricks to be produced. This was previously difficult to reliably and consistently achieve. One Loss In Weight Feeder delivered... »

New Trade Approved Belt Weigher

The new multi idler Trade Approved Belt Weigher adds to our long standing range of single and multi-idler belt weighers Active Weighing Solution’s, belt weighers are known for their stable and accurate performance in rugged conditions. The BWT model continues this tradition. The BWT Belt Weigher features an inherently stable four load cell full floating weigh deck. Lateral and transverse... »

Active Weighing Solutions named as finalist at the Australian Bulk Handling Awards 2016

Active Weighing Solutions was named as a finalist for two categories at the Eleventh Annual Australian Bulk Handling Awards 2016. The Australian Bulk Handling Awards have recognised some of the foremost practitioners in bulk and powder handling since its inception in Melbourne in 2006. At this year’s awards, the panel of independent judges included Associate Professor Peter Wypych of the... »

Investing In Production Automation: Everything You Need To Know

The benefits of improving your production line with automation are far greater than just ROI. There are many aspects that make this decision difficult; logistics, staff training, and downtime to name a few. Nevertheless, businesses in industries such as chemicals and food are turning to production automation for reasons such as access to new markets, updating technology and reducing labour stress... »

40’ Container Filling Solved

Container loading system now fills to within ±0.1% of target weight Having your trucks returning from the weighbridge because of over-weight or under-weight containers is not the desired outcome. A new loading system installed at Malteurop Australia now fills containers with a payload of 25 tonnes to within 20kgs of the target weight. This equates to less than ±0.1% variation to the target... »

We are open and at work

Trade Approved Belt Weighers loaded for shipment to Western Australia Business as Usual (Almost) Active Weighing Solutions is open and operating as usual – with some staff working from home, and contact minimisation and hygiene initiatives in place to help keep our staff and yours safe. Our Engineering and Workshop teams are fully operational and are busy designing and building weighing and... »

New Bagging Line Modular Closing Conveyor

A new and unique Modular Closing Conveyor designed by the Active Weighing Solutions engineering team.  Low Risk The AW-MCC Modular Closing Conveyor allows you to start with the basics, then simply add automation as your business grows.  You can start with a Gross Weigher. Add a bag closing conveyor when your production increases. Flexible Growth Path There are many options to add... »

Belt Weighers In Australia

Belt Weighers, Belt Scales, Conveyor Scales & Weightometers Belt weighers have a long history of use in continuous production processes. Used in many industries, they are also known as belt scales, conveyor scales, conveyor belt scales and weightometers. At Active Weighing Solutions, we use the name Belt Weigher to describe the dynamic weighing tool also referred to as conveyor belt scales... »

Bulk Bag Filling Station

Operator Controlled Bulk BagFiller Stations Each Active Weighing Solutions Bulk Bag Filling Station is engineered to meet: the OH&S issues involved in placing and removing bulk bags specific properties of the dry bulk material being loaded plant operational requirements Models can be based on an overhead platform or on-floor design, be trade approved, dust-tight, provide product... »

Gross Weighers & Open Mouth Bag Filler

An Active Weighing Solutions Gross Weigher will fill a variety of open mouth bags with a pre-determined weight of product. The Gross Weigher is a simple and effective tool for bagging 10 to 70kg’s product. Mounted directly to a garner bin, the Gross Weigher needs only a power supply and clean dry compressed air. Depending upon the material flow characteristics of the buld material, the... »

Net Weighers

An Active Weighing Solutions Net Weigher will fill a variety of open mouth bags to a pre-determined weight with greater speed and accuracy than a Gross Weigher. Operation When the operator turns on the Net Weigher; the feed device automatically begins the filling process. When the preset weight is reached, the controller captures the bag weight and, if a bag is in position, it then discharges... »

Impact Weighers

Active Weighing Solutions Impact Weighers offers an effective alternative to belt weighers in applications where there is: Minimal headroom Dry free flowing powder or particulate material A continuous flow of material Limited turn down. (The ratio of maximum to minimum flow rates.) Similar to belt weighers, Impact Weighers are routinely used to provide continuous mass flow measurement... »

Automated Bulk Bag Filling Systems

Active Weighing Solutions Automatic Bulk Bag Filling Systems are engineered to provide safe, reliable, and dust free bulk bag filling for a wide variety of powders and difficult to handle dry bulk materials. Our engineers work with clients to design bagging and palletising solutions tailored to meet specific plant operational requirements. We work with other leading manufacturers within the... »

Bulk Bags Unloaders & Dischargers

Also known as Bulk Bag Unloaders, Active Weighing Solutions Bulk Bag Unloading Stations are designed efficiently handle application variables such as: Product compaction during storage or transport Single or multi trip, lined or unlined Bulk Bags or Flexible Intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) Dust Gravimetric or volumetric discharge Batching or Continuous discharge Our range of bulk bag... »

In-Process Weighers

Process Weighers, also known as continuous Batch Weighers come closest of all dynamic weighing equipment to static weighing. These industrial weighing systems provide the most accurate and easy to calibrate dynamic weighing system. Process Weighers Active Weighing Solutions offers a range of Not-For-Trade and For-Trade Process Weigher / Batch Weigher models to suit specific applications. Product... »

Semi Automated Bagging Lines

We offer bag filling solutions from simple manual bagging systems through to fully automated bagging with robotic assistance. A key component of a semi automated bagging is either a Gross Weigher or Net Weigher. Selection of the most suitable weigher depends on a number of factors, including the characteristics of the product being handled and the speed and accuracy of bagging required. Our... »

Loss in Weight Systems

Loss In Weight Feeders is regarded as the most accurate of all continuous weighing devices. These systems have a particular application where precision and accuracy is essential. Loss In Weight Feeders are used to deliver precise control for: Low materials throughputs Blending Managing the feed rate of minor additives The principle of loss in weight feeding is to control the feed of material... »

Weigh Belt Conveyors

Active Weighing Solutions Weigh Belt Conveyors are engineered for continuous heavy duty environments –indoors and outdoors. These weighers also offer the advantage of requiring only minimal headroom and length. The Weigh Belt Conveyors are essentially short conveyors designed to suit the application and fitted with a single or two idler belt weigher arrangement. A typical design requirement is... »

Vessel Weighing

Active Weighing Solutions vessel weighing systems range from a simple weight monitoring system through to systems integrated with PLC, data logging and other sophisticated plant and remote control systems. We offer weighing software making it easy for real time analysis and control of the application, whether it be a single vessel or multi vessel integrated plant operation. (For more information... »

Fully Automated Bagging Lines

Active Weighing Solutions fully automated Bagging Lines are custom engineered to suit each bag filling, closing and palletising application. Through design specification, 3D CAD modelling, manufacture, factory testing, installation, and commissioning, we work with you to engineer the best solution for your bagging line application. We consider: weighing accuracy needed, bagging rate... »

Weigh Feeders

An Active Weighing Solutions Belt Feeder is a slow speed short conveyor incorporating a single idler, full floating frame Belt Weigher design. These Weigh Feeder models cater for bulk materials feed rates from 1kg to 5,000 tph and deliver weighing accuracy 0.5% and better. Weigh Feeders are commonly used to control bulk material flow rate into a process or to blend products on a continuous... »

Automatic Weighing and Bagging Machines in Australia

Automation is a powerful tool for increasing efficiency and achieving production targets. Whether you need a fully automated weighing and bagging machine, a turnkey bagging and palletising solution or to upgrade from manual bagging to a semi-automated bagging process – we can help you. Automatic Bagging Machine World Class Automatic Bagging Machine designed and manufactured... »

Automatic Bag Palletizer Machine

Active Weighing Solutions bag palletising lines receive filled and closed bags and complete the process of conditioning and stacking bags to pallets ready for transport. Typical configurations include: Bag transfer conveyors with built in allowance for line start and stopping Bag check weighing, metal detection, reject system, bag conditioning (flattening/smoothing), and printing... »

Weigh Screw Conveyors & Feeders

Pivoted Weigh Screw Conveyors and Weigh Screw Feeders meet the need where a fully enclosed, dust-tight system is required, and existing infrastructure limits the suitability of other weighing solutions. These weigh screw feeders and conveyors are very similar in function to a fully enclosed Weigh Belt Feeder or Weigh Belt Conveyor.Pivoted Weigh Screws provide acost-effective, dynamic weighing... »