About Us

Active Weighing Solutions was established in 1993 as Total Engineering Systems Pty. Ltd. Our trading name – Active Weighing Solutions was introduced in August 2007 to make it easier for new clients to find us and know what we do.

Our particular expertise is in dynamic weighing. We specialise in providing solutions for weighing bulk materials and powders that are on the move.

Our strength lies not only in the quality and range of products offered but the complete package. We offer complete professional service from initial specifications, design, manufacture and commissioning through to ongoing maintenance and servicing. We tailor our service to your requirement, from supply only through to complete turnkey solutions.

In 1999 we became the Australian Agent for the EMC Industrial Group (NZ) range of controllers and indicators which we have found to be highly accurate, easy to use and robust in the field. While this is our preferred range of electronic equipment, we have the expertise and flexibility to incorporate other weighing electronic components to meet the need of each particular application.

Building upon our expertise in custom designing and manufacturing weighing and bagging machinery, we are also the Australasian Agent for the Pacepacker Services (UK) range of automatic bagging and packing equipment.

Active Weighing Solutions is based in Melbourne, Australia. We provide dynamic weighing equipment sales and service across Australia and overseas.

We are a National Measurement Institute Trade Measurement Licensee.