Calibration Saved When Power Spike Fries Weigh Transmitter

11 Nov 2014
When a power surge recently blew out all relay output transistors in a Weighing Transmitter installed to a loss-in-weight system, all was not lost. The modular design of the EMC ModWeigh weigh controllers means that operations information is not necessarily lost when damage occurs to the system. »

Bulk Bag Unloading System delivers Hygienic and Accurate additives

11 Nov 2014
A major stock feed producer in Melbourne recently requested assistance in upgrading their existing macro addition system. The existing system involved manual handling of various 20 kg bags. »

Safely filling bulk bags with fragile product

18 Aug 2014
Our bulk bag filling station removes the need for a collection bin as product automatically feeds straight off the production line into the bulk bags. »

Multi Idler Belt Weighers

30 Jun 2014
Active Weighing Solutions Belt Weighers are precision Electronic Weighers which can be easily installed onto the carry side of most existing conveyors. »

Calibration Chains demonstrate Weigh Belt Conveyor Accuracy

15 Dec 2011
When the location of weighers within a process prevents material testing, calibration chains can be used to calibrate and prove weigher accuracy. »

Christmas Shutdown

08 Dec 2011
Active Weighing Solutions will close for the holiday break on December 23, 2011 and reopen on Monday January 9, 2012. »

ModWeigh MD1 in Australia

05 Dec 2011
The EMC ModWeigh MD1 Flowrate Indicator is now available in Australia through Active Weighing Solutions. The MD1 Display offers an alternate weighing system status display format to the earlier released MW99 Weight Indicator. »