Controllers & Loadcells

Weighing Indicators & Controllers

ModWeigh MW96A Weighfeeder Instrument Used in Belt Weigh Feeders and Pivoted Weigh Screw Feeders Measures and Controls Flowrate A ModWeigh MW96 Weigh Feeder System is used to measure and control the flowrate of material carried by a belt conveyor. It measures the belt loading and belt speed and calculates the material flowrate which it controls […]

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Data Logging & Diagnostics

Communication Options Local or Remote communications connection Multiple Weigher Operation Single Weigher – RS232 Multi Weigher – RS 485 Permanent Data Recording Remote Technical Support Data Logging The Data Logging Tool enables: Capture of individual weighments Continuous Totalising Ability to reset total at pre-defined time Batch weight Individual Bag weights Data stored in Microsoft Access […]

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We will source the best load cell for specific applications from a variety of specialist suppliers. We are a distributor of Precision Transducers load cells. A selection of their range is displayed below. Low Cost Single Point (PT1000) Specifications: 3kg to 250kg 2mV/V sensitivity 0.02% combined error IP66 standard -10 to 40 deg. C Safe […]

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