Bagging Machines

Whether you are looking for a fully automated bagging machine, a turnkey bagging and palletising solution, or to replace a manual bagging process with a semi-automated bagging system we can help you.

Automatic Bagging Machines

GR900-15 Automatic Bagging Machine

Automatic Bagging Machine GR900-15

Taking up less than 12 square metres floor space, the GR900-15 Automatic Bagging Machine is designed to fill and close a variety of bags up to 15 bpm. The bagging Machine features:

  • Fill and leave-to-run bag storage carousel
  • Highly reliable bag pickup and fill
  • Operational self-recovery actions
  • Bag gusset retention
  • Robust mechanics and finish

Australian designed and built, this bagging machine combines the best features of any comparable imported machine.

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Pacepacker Automatic Bagging Systems
Pacepacker T20 Sackplacer and TBC

Offering 8-10 bags per minute bagging rates Pacepacker (UK) range of automated bagging offers many different combinations of equipment for customised bag filling, closing, packing and (Fanuc robot) palletising across a wide range of production and budget specifications.

Bagging Systems Brochure Bagging Systems Brochure
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Robotics Brochure Robotics Brochure
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Semi Automated Bagging Systems

Selecting the best weighing and bagging equipment depends on a number of factors such as:

  • product and bag characteristics
  • required bagging speed and accuracy
  • space available
  • existing equipment
  • budget

We work with you to design and choose the best solution. Our designs are modelled in 3D so all operational requirements, health and safety and ease of maintenance are covered.

A semi-automated bagging line may be based on a Gross Weigher, a Net Weigher, and could include a day bin, closing conveyor, sewing machine, heat sealer, food grade contact parts and palletising options.

There are many ways a bagging line can be put together.

Bagging-Line-e Bagging-Line Brochure
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